Micro System Technology

Microsystem technology deals with technologies and applications in the micrometer range (1 μm = 1 millionth of a meter). It combines microstructuring with system-related tasks, combining different basic technologies such as mechanics, optics, fluidics, microelectronics and new materials.
Microsystems or MEMS (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems) have already become an integral part of our everyday world. Among other things, they are applied in motor vehicles, in information and communication technology, in consumer electronics, in manufacturing and automation technology, in chemistry, in pharmacy, in medical technology, and increasingly in building technology and household appliances. In addition to their small size and low weight, the advantages of micro systems are the high functional density, the reduced energy requirements as well as the savings in material and production costs.

Wherever miniaturization plays a central role, new and increasingly complex applications for micro technical components and systems are emerging. In many areas product innovations without the integration of microsystems are no longer conceivable. The microsystem technology thus has a huge potential for growth and value creation and can decisively contribute to the competitiveness of new and existing companies. In addition, microsystem technology provides the necessary interfaces to integrate innovative developments from other new fields of technology such as biotechnology or nanotechnology into new products.

Technological advances and continuous miniaturization pressure in the industry are constantly creating new product applications and above-average growth prospects in the industry. With more than 350 players, North-Rhine Westphalia is a leading player in the field of microsystem technology. In NRW, 28% of all German companies and research facilities dealing with microsystem technology have their headquarters. Regional focus areas are Dortmund, Aachen, Münster and the Ruhr area.

28% of all German companies and research facilities dealing with microsystem technology are based in North Rhine-Westphalia.

In Germany, microsystem technology plays a central role for growth and employment. 680,000 jobs are directly linked to the microsystem technology – the trend is rising.

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