Digital twins in the context of key enabling technologies, digitalisation and Industry 4.0

Key enabling technologies such as nanotechnologies, micro systems technologies, photonics, advanced materials and quantum technologies provide essential impulses into all important industries worldwide – not only to secure the innovative strength and competitiveness of the economy, but more particularly to solve the major social challenges of our time. However, within the framework of digitalisation and Industry 4.0, these key technologies have been joined by a strong partner, another key technology, whose integration can significantly increase the potential for success and innovation in the high-tech sector: the digital twin. This is not only an enabler for the economic success of the key technologies and supports the increase in innovative strength, but also depends heavily on them in turn. Without, for example, nano- and microelectronics or the often photonics-based sensor technology, digital twins would not be technically feasible.

In order to better support the synergy effects between the key technologies and digital twins, we would like to learn through a short survey what the current state-of-the-art is in the application of digital twins, so that we can define precisely fitting focal points for further activities, such as our WebTalk special “NMWP Innovation2GO 4DigitalTwins”.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your opinion on the topic of digital twins.

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