Networking and exchange of ideas on events as a success factor.

From workgroup-meetings up to international conferences.

Success is a question of good networking. Furthermore, interdisciplinary exchange is important in the field of key technologies in order to find new approaches to solving the great challenges of our time. In order to intensify networking and Exchange of ideas, the NMWP.NRW state cluster offers a variety of different event formats in cooperation with the NMWP e.V. association and a large number of other partners. Perhaps we can welcome you on one of our next events?

NMWP-Topic evenings

Broad cross-linking across topics

The NMWP-Topic evenings are designed to provide free information for companies and universities on current developments and specific topics. At the same time these events offer the opportunity to visit facilities and exchange with experts. The topic evenings are organized by the NMWP.NRW state cluster in cooperation with the NMWP e. V. association.

NRW Nano-Conference

Two days under the banner of nanotechnology

The leading role of North-Rhine Westphalia in the area of nanotechnology is clearly reflected in the internationally renowned event every two years. This is where experts of all disciplines of this key Technology meet. For more information and a review, please visit the Website

Information events

We provide information on the industries

The cluster regularly organizes special information events on various topics. These “special topics” can be specific technologies or current (political) developments as well as new funding programs by the federal government, the state or the EC. In addition to pure information, networking and exchange are also in focus.


International high level expert meetings

Think big! In addition to the planning of smaller events and participation in trade fairs, scientific conferences have a high priority. Although originally planned as the basis for NRW-wide exchanges, many of the large-scale events have become internationally renowned and now allow an exchange across the borders of NRW.

Trade fairs

NRW’s research and industrial landscape at international trade fairs.

Through and participation in international trade fairs and events together with companies and research institutes from North Rhine-Westphalia, for example through the planning and realization of trade fair community stands, we represent NRW’s research and industrial landscape internationally.


The essence of research and development.

Sometimes less is more. For this reason, there are specialist groups and other expert panels on various subject areas: Here, a handful of decision-makers from science and industry exchange among themselves to address trends and opportunities at an early stage. The results become part of the NMWP.NRW Clusters stategy.

You can find our and many other events on the NMWP-Portal.